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Save thousands of dollars,

skip the big-box stores*

3 1/2" full range speaker driver.

PentaCut NRSC cone technology helps dampen and control cone resonances with ferrite magnet and rubber surround (no foam).

Soldered speaker connections.

Perfect for use in sealed-box home theater and music systems.

Poly-laminated paper cone, treated foam surround, and polymer dust cap.

Smooth frequency response with minimal cone breakup.

90 Watt 6 1/2" woofer, 70 Hz to 8,000 Hz.

Hand-made speakers. Oregon USA. 

Built to order.

Trio Speaker System

*Lars&Sarah use the same speaker parts as other major well known brands for a fraction of the cost. Why the lower price? No middle-man, no resellers, cost for shelf space, massive marketing budgets, investors, payroll etc.

Other speaker brands say they don't use "off the shelf" speaker drivers. That's because they can build one for cheaper and keep the profits and it doesn't mean a better sounding speaker either. 

Huge sound Small size  

Audiophile quality music should not be expensive. 

Big sound doesn't come in huge boxes.

90 watts - Bluetooth - Bass & treble controls

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