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Eye-catching restored Grandfather Clock

Restored grandfather clocks looks impressive until you see them in person and realize the craftsmanship that went into these $1k grandfather clocks.

Save a small fortune

Most all #grandfather #clocks start at over $1,000 and that does not even including shipping and/or delivery. Many of these clocks are sold at local listings for very little but they always have an issue with them, such as simply not working, not chiming or running slow or even have missing parts. Parts alone can cost a bundle, so if you don't know what you are doing or getting into, it can be a rather costly expense of even mistake.

All the parts ad up

When you replace parts the costs can ad up:

  • Weights and shells usually cost $60 each and you need three...

  • Shells alone are $30 plus shipping

  • Clock movements are over $300. All made in Germany.

This only includes clocks that are still in business and parts are easier to find. Other manufacturers make finding parts much harder and prices can easily go way up.

We restore Grandfather clocks

And make sure they work for weeks before selling any of them.

Usually the clock movement needs to be removed from the back of the clock, cleaned and oiled. Some parts need replacing or fixing. Other times the wood is chipped, scratched or simply broken off and need restoring. After all that the wood is cleaned and made to look as good as new again. Most of our grandfather or grandmother clocks are around the $300 mark.

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