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Artwork and estate sales

Often artwork is the hardest to find. Several may be damaged or are simple posters with a frame around it.

Signed and dated?

A real find is when the artist has singed and dated their work. This ads value to the #artwork and you know you are getting a one-of-a-kind piece that is not available at your local home goods store.


Textured artwork doesn't mean that the art was actually painted by anyone. Some artwork is a poster with textured paper. Some are even painted over with a brush with dabs here and there to looks more authentic. There is nothing wrong with this, just remember that it should be priced accordingly.

Our best pieces we have found are hanging on walls right in front for everyone to see! Some large pieces some smaller pieces and they are hard if not impossible to find in todays' big box stores. So if you see one hanging on a wall, take a closer look because you might have found a gem that everyone passed by.

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