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Now You Can Sit on Vintage Red Chairs!

These are sure to stick out from regular boring waiting rooms and small offices. These two retro looking #armchairs didn't take up much room either and built very sturdy.

What a lucky find

These are the kind of things we love to come across and it's almost always that lucky person who happened to be on the internet at the right time to find these before another snatched it away from them. Lot's of our customers come from outside of Salem to grab our items. In this particular case it was a gentleman from Portland, Oregon who got ahold of them.

Does it fit?

What many forget about is the size of the item they are purchasing. It doesn't matter how much you like it the vehicle you are in is going to decide if you can take it home or not! We offer measurements on our larger items so you are sure it will fit.

We do also offer delivery services if it is within 60-something miles of Salem Oregon if you either have no vehicle or you think it might just be too small. Sometimes not everyone wants to make the trip so in some cases we are happy to offer deliveries for a small fee. The fee basically covers gas for our trip to delivery items to you.

Chairs can be a popular item and depending on the style they can be very popular. Our advice, if you see one you like, don't wait too long because all too often they are snatched up by another buyer.

#retro #armchairs

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