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Save thousands of dollars,

skip the big-box stores*

3 1/2" full range speaker driver.

PentaCut NRSC cone technology helps dampen and control cone resonances with ferrite magnet and rubber surround (no foam).

70 to 20,000Hz frequency response. 

83.5dB sensitivity.

Perfect for use in sealed-box home theater and music systems.

Poly-laminated paper cone, treated foam surround, and polymer dust cap.

Smooth frequency response with minimal cone breakup.

90 Watt 6 1/2" woofer, 70 Hz to 8,000 Hz.

*Lars&Sarah use the same speaker parts as other major well known brands for a fraction of the cost. Why the lower price? No middle-man, no resellers, cost for shelf space, massive marketing budgets, investors, payroll etc.

Other speaker brands say they don't use "off the shelf" speaker drivers. That's because they can build one for cheaper and keep the profits and it doesn't mean a better sounding speaker either. 

Sometimes space is a problem and two speakers is just not an option. Using the same amplifier and excellent speaker drivers as the stereo speakers from Lars & Sarah, sound quality is still the same while creating an open sound from just one source. 

The same treble and bass controls are available and any smartphone can connect via bluetooth to this circular speaker.

15 watts of power provides ample amount of thumping audio to keep up with anyone whisking away in the kitchen, staying above the noise at a birthday party or during a rowdy sports game on tv.

The outer fabric comes in many different colors which covers a thick aluminum enclosure. Each aluminum piece has nearly 1,000 holes for audio to easily pass through surrounding the area with music.

The power cable hides underneath while four rubber feet raise the speaker up enough for the cable to run underneath. 

Guaranteed not to listen to your private conversations and only focused on playing good tunes from your smartphone. 

Built with MDF and oak veneer, not laminated.

MDF (Medium Density Fiber) speaker cabinet surrounded by oak veneer and optional 1/2" oak front.


MDF fights off resonance so the details in your music and movies shine through.


Better off axis response; music sounds good directly in front of speaker or from aside or angle.

All speakers are sealed enclosures. This results in martial arts fast bass response that is quick but packs a punch vs ported speakers.


Ported speakers can risk having bloated and slow bass response to sound more base heavy. 

Identical speaker drivers as the $3,500 Nola Trio speaker design. Acousta-stuff cabinet fill. 

Optional class D built in amplifier for self powered speakers with treble and bass control.


Also pairs well with AB class amplifiers.

No high markup. No middle man

No upselling

No "audio trickery"  bass boost, spacial effects, DSP or sound enhancer. Natural sound. 

Free shipping and 30 day money back guarantee 

No cheap speaker driver with DSP. Optional bass treble control.

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