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Handmade home goods. Salem, Oregon USA.

We're digital creatives that share our love of designing and working with wood. 

Our handmade speakers use the same speaker parts as other major well known brands for a fraction of the cost, because, well it's just us in our little workshop and design studio! 

Our other designs are focused on compact and space saving ideas such as the knife rack, nesting tables, spice carousel and even our speakers etc.

Have questions, custom design requests or comments? Please get in touch with us!


Lars & Sarah

Free Shipping

Within continental USA


The Answers You Need

Most home goods we sell are handmade in Salem, Oregon USA in our little workshop and design studio. We also restore and acquire various other items however, which may not be made in USA. Most large items (grandfather clocks, vintage record player consoles) are sold locally. 

Where are your items made?

We are not a mass producer or manufacturer with a warehouse and factory etc. We are a small business that love what we do and stand by our products 100%.


If any home goods or speaker you buy from us is clearly defective or broken we will pay for return shipping and refund you as soon as the item is in our hands. 

We know that with our bookshelf speakers and bluetooth speakers everyone has a different opinion on what "sounds good." If you don't like what you hear you can ship it back to us and we will refund what you paid minus the shipping cost. If you decide to opt for a store credit, we will also pay for return shipping.

Do you have guarantees?

Because when you bought from the local lemonade stand in your neighborhood it was good fresh squeezed lemonade right? Better than the store bought stuff maybe?

Handmade items are unique, supports a small home grown business, and allows us all to be a little more independent.


In addition, locally handcrafted items tend to last longer, are the real genuine item, not a copy or reproduction and you can talk to the designer and builder here at Lars & Sarah directly!

Why buy from Lars & Sarah?

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